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November 2020

I’ve just been recording a new album at Castlesound studios, with Mattie Foulds.

David Milligan arranged the songs and tunes. What a great job he made of it! Very different feel to Evenin’s Fa.

David Milligan piano, Phil Bancroft sax, Corrina Hewat harp & voice,

Mikey Owers brass, Tom Lyne bass, Stu Brown percussion,

Martin Green accordion, Scott Murray voice

Nine tracks – five tunes, four songs. To be called ‘There was a love‘ – that’s a line from a Helen Cruickshank poem which I’ve made into a song.

George Sanders & Gypsy Caravans      Miss Isobel    Afterlight    Flying to Derry

There was a Sang     Miss Margaret   The Can’el    Strange Days    Glenwhappen Rig


Like many folk, I’m keeping in touch via Zoom, and I’m enjoying singing with Linten Adie most weeks. I can’t hear them, and they can’t hear each other. ‘It’s about more than the music’, as Bobby McLean said. It’s good to catch up with folk.