Scott Murray

Evenin's Fa'

"Great songs. Great album. A voice in a million." Ian McCalman


1. Cartwheel (Show/Hide Lyrics)

2. Clarabad Mill (Show/Hide Lyrics)

3. A Dyker's Compliments (Show/Hide Lyrics)

4. February (Show/Hide Lyrics)

5. Gathersnaw Hill (Show/Hide Lyrics)

6. Mary's Song (Show/Hide Lyrics)

7. To Roll Her In Ma Plaidie (Show/Hide Lyrics)

8. Kings and Pipers (Show/Hide Lyrics)

9. I Thought I Had No Voice (Show/Hide Lyrics)

10. She's Hoy'd Me Out O Lauderdale (Show/Hide Lyrics)

11. A Small Place In Assynt (Show/Hide Lyrics)

12. Maggie's Song (Show/Hide Lyrics)

13. We'll Follow The Music (Show/Hide Lyrics)




All songs arranged by Jenny Gardner & Scott Murray
Produced by Mattie Foulds & Jenny Gardner
Recorded and mixed by Mattie Foulds @ MWAH in Heriot Toun
Mastered by Stuart Hamilton @ Castlesound

Jenny Gardner/fiddle
Amy Geddes/fiddle viola 
Martin Green/accordion
Gica Loening/fiddle 
Jim Malcolm/moothie 
Sarah McFadyen/ 5 string banjo
Sarah Northcott/fiddle

Anne Murray, Sangsters (Anne Murray, Fiona Forbes, John Blackwood), Michelle Burke, Jenny Gardner, Amy Lord, Ruth Kirkpatrick

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