Scott Murray | There Was A Love

Scott Murray is known as a folk musician from his time with the Scottish group Sangsters, and from his 2012 album Evenin’s Fa. ‘There Was a Love’ was made a few days after Scott’s 75th birthday, and represents a change to a less obviously folky, more jazz-influenced approach, acknowledging his interests before he discovered folk music. In the 60s he sang R&B and jazz with the Seventh Sons at the Gamp and the Place, and with the Rod Manton band.

Dave Milligan arranged the songs and tunes, and produced the album, at Castlesound Studios. The album features: Scott Murray (voice), Dave Milligan (piano), Corrina Hewat (harp & voice), Tom Lyne (bass), Stuart Brown (drums), Mikey Owers (brass), Phil Bancroft (saxophones) and Martin Green accordion.

‘Bravo. Feels like a mighty piece of life work’ Karine Polwart

‘Authentic and innovative – beautiful. This is pure gold, just sublime.’ John Morran (Deaf Shepherd)

‘An engagingly idiosyncratic clutch of simple but beautifully arranged songs and tunes from the heart – *****Jim Gilchrist (The Scotsman)